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Party Kaps is a groundbreaking offering from Hush that introduces a new dimension to the realm of nootropics. It is a sub company of the all to popular Hush Kratom.

As Hush’s debut in the nootropics scene, the brand is here to revolutionize how you experience social gatherings.

Centered around the plant-based medicine known as kanna, it brings you a product line designed to make you the life of the party, all while enhancing your well-being.

Focus on Kanna and Plant-Based Medicine

At the core of its innovation lies a focus on Kanna, a natural plant-based medicine with a history of use for its mood-enhancing properties.

Each product in the brand’s lineup combines Kanna with additional vitamins and plant-based medicines, synergizing to create an experience that’s both invigorating and enjoyable.

Elevate Your Party Experience

Party Kaps takes partying to a new level by infusing the power of Kanna into every product. These capsules and bars ensure you’re the center of attention.

As you socialize and connect with others, Party Kaps’ blends work behind the scenes to elevate your mood, increase your sociability, and help you fully embrace the experience.

Kaps and Party Bars for All

Both kaps and party bars are designed with inclusivity in mind. These products cater to a diverse audience.

Whether you don’t drink or simply want to enjoy a great time with friends, it offers a refreshing alternative that supports your social endeavors.

Join the Party and Unleash Your Inner Extrovert

It invites you to unleash your inner extrovert and fully immerse yourself in the experience of socializing. Release inhibitions, boost your mood, and embrace the vibrant atmosphere of every gathering.

Why Choose Party Kaps?

Hush’s Breakthrough

Party Kaps is Hush’s entry into the nootropics world, showcasing their commitment to innovative wellness solutions.

Kanna-Centric Approach

The core focus on Kanna and plant-based medicine sets it apart as a unique and effective option.

Elevated Party Experience

Party Kaps’ blends amplify your enjoyment and sociability during social gatherings.


Both kaps and party bars cater to a wide range of individuals seeking enjoyable experiences without alcohol.

Inner Extrovert Unleashed

It encourages you to embrace your inner extrovert and fully immerse yourself in every social occasion.