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Hazy Extrax is a trailblazing brand that enhances your cannabis experience with a wide range of cutting-edge products.

The brand is passionate about delivering the highest quality cannabis products. Their product lineup includes premium gummies, convenient disposables, and advanced cartridges.


Indulge in a delectable blend of taste and relaxation with Hazy Extrax gummies. These irresistible gummies have premium cannabis extracts, delivering a consistent and enjoyable experience.

With a range of flavors, these gummies discreetly unlock cannabis benefits. Whether unwinding or boosting social moments, these gummies offer delightful cannabis effects.


Experience convenience and simplicity with Hazy Extrax disposables. Ideal for busy users, these pre-filled vape pens offer hassle-free, consistent cannabis vaping.

These disposables offer a discreet and efficient way to enjoy cannabis wherever you are. With diverse strains and flavors, tailor your experience to preferences and effects.


Take your cannabis experience to the next level with Hazy Extrax cartridges. The cartridges contain potent cannabis oil derived from strains. These cartridges offer a versatile and personalized approach to vaping.

Whether for relaxation, creativity, or pain relief, varied strains cater to your cannabis needs.

Why Choose Hazy Extrax?

Quality Assurance

The commitment to quality is unwavering. The brand sources premium cannabis extracts and employ rigorous testing to ensure purity, potency, and safety in every product.


Hazy Extrax is at the forefront of cannabis product innovation, constantly pushing boundaries to provide you with the latest advancements in the industry.

Diverse Selection

From delectable gummies to user-friendly disposables and advanced cartridges, their product range caters to a wide range of preferences and consumption methods.


Enjoy a consistent and reliable cannabis experience with Hazy Extrax products. Their precise dosing and reliable formulations ensure you get the effects you desire every time.

Accessible Enjoyment

Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or a curious beginner, Hazy Extrax offers products that make cannabis consumption accessible and enjoyable for all.