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Cloud8 manufactures hemp-based products to meet the demand for delta 8 THC products. Along with quality, they focus on aroma and taste. Therefore, their carts deliver the best delta 8 THC effects with a fascinating scent and delicious taste.

If you are looking to use delta 8 THC for relaxation then you can not get a better product than Cloud8 products.

Full panel lab analysis of their products guarantees you peace of mind by showing distillate in their products is a great blend of quality that meets perfection.

At the Great CBD Shop, we offer two Cloud8 products – THC Gummies and THC Vape Cartridges. If you find yourself wanting to use delta 8 THC, but don’t want to vape.

The Delta 8 THC gummies offer you a delicious alternative way to make that cannabinoid a part of your daily wellness routine.